Do You Know Your Rights?

We designed this resource to inform and

empower civil rights activists in Utah

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Quiz time: Can you answer these questions? 

Can I protest on a public sidewalk?  

Can a public school principal stop an LGBTQ student club from meeting on school grounds? 

Do I have to answer a police officer’s questions if they stop me on the street? 


With more and more people engaging in protests and activism during the last year, questions about the scope and limits of civil rights and civil liberties are growing in importance.  


To empower Utahns to exercise their rights the ACLU of Utah has organized a “Know Your Rights” Library with more than a dozen guides that explain your rights in certain situations.  


From your right to vote, to free speech for students and teachers in public schools, to whether you can remain silent if you are stopped by the police, these guides empower you to understand and use your Constitutional rights.  


We created these guides because we believe everyone in Utah should be aware of their rights, and confident enough to exercise them. And by everyone, we mean anyone living in or traveling through our state. We continuously update and share these “Know Your Rights” guides because helping people understand and employ their rights is crucial to the ACLU of Utah’s mission. 


And in case you were wondering, the answers to the three questions above are 1) Yes, 2) No, and 3) It depends.  


Index of ACLU of Utah “Know Your Right’s Guides 

LGBTQ Rights 

Your Right to Form Gay-Straight Alliances in School  

Your Right to Protest and Engage in Other Free Speech Activities in Utah 

Utah Voter Empowerment Guide (English) 

Utah Voter Empowerment Guide (Spanish) 

Students Rights: Suspended or Expelled 

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Public High School Students 

Free Speech Rights of Public and Charter School Teachers and Staff in Utah 

Social Media Blocking Toolkit 

What to Do If You Are Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents, or the FBI 

What to Do If You Are A Victim of Police Misconduct 

Inmate Rights & Complaints Regarding Utah’s Jails and Prison 

Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Resources