Spring 2021
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About this Site

This website hosts the Liberty Reporter, the new e-newsletter for the ACLU of Utah. The Liberty Reporter transitioned to an online format in Spring 2021. For prior issues, go here:

To visit the ACLU of Utah's main website, click the link below. 


From the Executive Director's Chair

"Welcome to the new format of the Liberty Reporter! We hope you are enjoying the update to a sleeker and more environmentally friendly electronic edition of our newsletter..."

- Brittney Nystrom 

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Protest March Signs
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Staff Updates

New roles for familiar faces at the ACLU of Utah

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About The ACLU of Utah

The ACLU of Utah, chartered in 1958, operates through public education, legal advocacy, litigation, and lobbying at both the state and local levels to ensure the constitutional rights and freedoms of everyone living in or visiting Utah. Our Mission is to defend and promote the fundamental principles and values embodied in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, including the freedom of speech and religion, and the right to privacy, equality, and due process for all Utahns.


Brittney Nystrom, Executive Director 
Marina Baginsky Lowe, Legislative & Policy Counsel 
John Mejia, Legal Director 
Erin Hurtado, Development Director 

Nikila Venugopal, Director of Campaigns 
Valentina De Fex, Staff Attorney 
Jason Groth, Smart Justice Attorney 
Sara Wolovick, Equal Justice Works Fellow  

Margie Nash, Paralegal  

Hannah Nerone, Development & Finance Coordinator 

Angelica Guzman, Office Manager 
Caroline Emmitt, Intake Coordinator 
Sydni Makemo, Southern Utah Community Outreach Coordinator 
Malyssa Egge, Indigenous Justice Coordinator 

Jason Stevenson, Strategic Communications Manager


Nick Cockrell, Communications Consultant 

Tim Gannon, Interim Finance Consultant

Board of Directors

Roni Jo Draper President, National ACLU Board Representative 

Richard Van Wagoner, Vice President 

Christine Arthur, Treasurer 

Kass Harstad, Legal Panel Liaison 

Chelsie Acosta, Affiliate Equity Officer 

Stephanie Burdick

Charlene Lui

Sarah Vaughn

Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Mark DeCaria

Nasir Khan

Brian King

Kass Harstad

Kathryn Lindquist

Amir Jackson

Dustin Jansen

Swati Sharma

Enrique Romo,

Brianne Kramer 

Legal Panel

David Reymann, Chair

Kass Harstad, Board Representative 
Jensie Anderson

Angela Elmore

Ramzi Hamady

Maren Larson

Carlos Navarro

Marina Peña

Aaron Tarin

Michael Teter

Fred Voros

Ruth-Arlene W. Howe 

Interns and Volunteers

Jacob Stock

Thea Holcomb

Roxie Harshbarger

Nick Conte

Lauren Harvey

Cash Mendenhall

Maura Cheney

Arundhati Oommen

Andrew Wirkus

Natalie Weber

Jen Hyde

Wesley Winterhalter

Lauren Brown-Hulme

Claire Smith

Erin Tabish

ACLU of Utah Assemble...  A typical Monday morning staff meeting on Zoom

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